Boredom Is The Enemy

Yes, I am bored.

With many things.

This will be my last post of the year, I’ve not blogged anywhere near as much as I want to. But it’s been another funny old year.

I’m bored of how people have been so terribly hoodwinked into voting for a referendum that was built on a big funeral pyre of lies, and how these same people keep the Tories in power. How these same people rely on misinformation and deceit doled out by the right-wing owned and run mainstream media as gospel news. How they’ve become so utterly convinced that Socialism is something to be feared, when rampant Capitalism and Consumerism have given us catastrophic climate change, families in working poverty, pitiful salary increases for front line public service workers for which inflation and the cost of living crisis means an actual decrease in income.

Energy suppliers are recording record profits, families are relying on food banks and hand outs, the UK has seen a 20% increase in billionaires over the last few years, but where is the anger being directed? At this appalling, ever widening gap between rich and poor? No, it’s being placed firmly at the feet of the nurses, ambulance drivers, teachers, rail drivers, and any number of the “blue collar” work force. The people who nurse us back to health, clean our streets, clean our buildings, get us safely from A to B, teach children etc. These people are not the enemy, the Tories are the enemy. They have always been the enemy of the poor and the working classes. They would rather protect their off-shore, tax-haven bank accounts, multiple properties, CEO bonuses, and stoke the fires of racial hatred to ensure Britain remains divided.

I used to be proud of being British, but now it’s more of an embarrassment. I joke about moving to Scotland (especially if they achieve independence), but it’s more and more tempting. I have Scottish roots which I am actually, IMMENSELY proud of.

I’m also bored of all the hate going around. Why do people waste so much energy being hateful towards others? What does it achieve?

Let’s say someone reading this is anti-LGBTQ+. My question to that person is: how does someone being in the LGBTQ+ community affect you in every day life? The answer is: they don’t. No more than your heterosexuality affects them. See how ridiculous it is? Put that energy to good use. Put it towards positivity, love, do something for your community, be a better person.

In 2023 I’ll be making changes to my life, and pursuing dreams and goals I’ve procrastinated over. It will be my 50th next year, and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be something of a significant year for me. Why should I waste my time on anything that isn’t worth my time? I’m really learning a lot about myself at the moment, where my true desires are, the things I want in life to make me happy, what I deserve to have. No longer will I be selling myself short.

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